Growth consultant plans community survey this fall

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Bethany area residents have been asked to take part in a community survey prepared by a consulting firm that is looking into retail growth opportunities for the city.
Growth Services Group of Moberly, Mo., has published a seven-page survey asking residents to rate various services offered by the community. The company was employed by the city to evaluate opportunities for new hotels, restaurants and other commercial development in Bethany.
The survey currently is available at City Hall and will soon be available on the city’s website and the Republican-Clipper’s homepage at
“It will be helpful if we get a good response from the public,” said City Administrator Jonne Slemons.
The first section of the survey deals with the performance of the Board of Aldermen, City Hall, the taste and quality of the city’s water, trash collection, city parks and fire protection, among other services.
The survey also asks area residents to identify two issues that they would like to see law enforcement address. They include drugs and alcohol enforcement, traffic, vandalism, burglaries, shoplifting, domestic violence, peace disturbance, animal control, weeds, identity theft, fraud and counterfeiting.
The survey also asks opinions on whether the city needs to continue making improvement on its existing street, building new connecting streets, building new sidewalks and establishing curbs and gutters on all principal streets.
Among other issues, residents are asked whether the city should make efforts to attract new industry, new retail businesses, hotels new health and medical services improve the appearance of commercial areas and downtown and create new jobs.
Residents also will be asked to rate the quality of life in the community.

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